Finding an Interior Designer

Finding an Interior Designer

Finding the right Interior designer can be a challenging and an overwhelming experience, but you’ll certainly find it worthwhile. He or she can bring out the best in your home and help you avoid costly remodeling mistakes. But how can you choose the right one? Well, you need to follow these tips:

Best Tips for Finding an Interior Designer

1. Ask around for referrals

If you want the most reliable referrals, then they should be from people you trust completely; your friends, family, neighbors, local real estate agents or coworkers who have used the designer’s service recently. Also, you can get the names of qualified local designers in magazines or articles online.

2. Make a comprehensive list of your top candidates

When you’re done with the initial research, you should make a list of your top choices you would like to know more about. It is best that you pick about 5 designers. This will help you spend less time in following-up and digging into each designer’s specifics.

3. Schedule a meeting with the designers

Be prepared with a number of focused questions to get the answers you need in order to choose the best interior designer. Well, the questions should be aligned to finding the designer whom you are most comfortable working with; someone who knows what to look for, where to look for it and also understands what it means to your needs.

Most professional interior designers these days probably have an online portfolio and also provide references, although you can expect the extent of the information in those platforms to vary. Just take some time to review these portfolios, paying close attention to the visual samples and, if necessary, contact the past clients can hear what they have to say about the service they received.

4. Choose an interior designer whose services fit your needs

Keep in mind that the services of the designers vary; some specialize in new construction projects, some prefer renovations, and others focus on kitchen and bath design. After reviewing the photographs on the websites, you will be able to get a good idea about style and whether you like the designer’s work.

Don’t make hasty decisions. This is an important stage where you need to think about each of candidates’ credentials, creativity, and positivity. Also, remember that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with the candidate, and therefore you have to ensure that it will be a positive experience. The ideal candidate will have outstanding credentials, make you feel comfortable, and will be readily available when you need him or her to answer any of your questions.

5. Communicate your budget

Whether it’s a small or large project, it is very important that you let your interior designer to know your planned budget and stay within it. Also, be sure to discuss how the designer expects to be paid. Other designers may charge you consultation fees and also ask for compensation for the time spent buying the materials. Some may increase the prices of any purchases they make on your behalf in order to cover the cost of the time spent.